The Saddle Jack Electric Saddle Rack
The Saddle Jack electric saddle rack can be installed in almost any horse trailer tack room.

The best power saddle rack on the market


Walla Walla, WA

The Saddle Jack comes in several configurations!


Take a look at the different designs for the Saddle Jack ~ we know that one will work for your horse trailer, and if not, we can customize it so it fits your needs!


Electric saddle rack for rear tack



Click on the picture to take a look at the standard rear tack Saddle Jack. At the touch of a button, your electric saddle rack will drop down to a height that is managable for almost everyone!





Electric saddle rack for side tack



Click on the picture to see more photos of the side tack Saddle Jack. This electric saddle rack swings out, and then drops down, not only making it easy to access your saddles, but also to access the rest of your tack.





Electric saddle rack for a small tack area



Click on the picture to see more of the small area Saddle Jack. If you have a shallow tack room in your horse trailer, or if you have other items that take up space, this electric saddle rack is the way to go!





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This video shows the "Saddle Jack" electric saddle rack in the three different configurations. One is for a side tack, and it is fully automatic, as is the saddle rack for the regular rear tack. The small area rear tack is partly automatic, partly mechanical, and completely easy to operate.

Take a look at these different types of electric saddle racks, and give us a call with any questions ~ we can make this saddle rack work in almost any trailer, and we also sell wholesale!

Prices will vary depending on your needs, so give us a call to find out how we can make your life easier with the Saddle Jack electric saddle rack!